Breakfast is complimentary at the Freedom Inn. Enjoy fresh-cooked eggs, bacon, whole wheat toast, and seasonal fruits from our restaurant in full view of Mt. Annupuri


Dining out is a treat with Niseko's agricultural heart on display at the wide choice of excellent restaurants throughout the Niseko resort area. Inn staff can be consulted for recommendations and assistance in making reservations.

In-House Dinner Service

For guests interested in enjoying dinner in the comfort of the Freedom Inn, we offer sukiyaki or shabu-shabu by advanced order (24 hours) only. These traditional hot-pot based meals include a wide selection of fresh vegetables as well as udon, Japanese rice noodles.

Shabu-shabu is a meal of beef, lamb, pork, or a mix of the three that is cooked in a savory Japanese fish broth at the table in front of you!

Sukiyaki is a meal of thin-sliced Japanese beef cooked in a sweet mixture of soy sauce, seaweed, and rice wine. When your meat and veggies are cooked, dip them in egg for an added rich flavor!

Shabu-shabu and sukiyaki are ¥3,900 per person and ¥2,000 for children.