management trainee

Candidates sought for three year management training program. Through the program, trainees will develop business and organizational skills related to the hospitality industry in one of Japan's most dynamic international resorts. The right candidate will have strong bilingual (Japanese and English) skills, a proven desire to work in the hospitality industry, a strong sense of customer service and a willingness to learn. Through a 3-year progression, trainees will evolve from learning the basics of supporting a high-customer service operation and managing a business line to taking a lead operating role in the second year.

Finally, in the third year, the trainee will have full management responsibility for a 5-8 person team and all aspects of a bed and breakfast serving guests from around the world.  We will assist the trainee with outplacement into a career track position with a global hospitality company at the end of the three years.

seasonal staff

Freedom Inn is looking for staff to work on its team during the 2017-2018 winter season (from about December 1, 2017 to April 7, 2018).  A strong work ethic, pleasant demeanor and a high level of proficiency in Japanese and English is preferred.  Experience in hospitality or food and beverage service is a plus, as is capability in either Chinese or Korean.  The right candidate will also have a driver's license permitting passenger vehicle operation in Japan. A free room and access to a staff lift pass will be provided as part of the winter work package.

Please send a cover note and resume to for any of the above positions.